There’s No Such Thing As a Free Government

By Miranda Bonifield April 16 was the first day of 2019 where the money Americans have earned finally exceeded the portion of our income dedicated ...

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Testimony Before the Joint Subcommittee on Capital Construction HB 5005

By John A. Charles, Jr. Members of the subcommittee, my name is John Charles and I am President and CEO of Cascade Policy Institute, a nonpartisan ...

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Road Widening, Congestion Pricing Can Improve Metro-Area Drive Times

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. I’ve got a big family, which means we do a lot of laundry. With our old appliances, we were doing a load a day and there was ...

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Portland’s Affordable Housing Bond: Nothing for Money

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Remember that song about getting money for nothing? In Portland, it’s the opposite. We’re getting nothing for money. This ...

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Read My Lips: Metro’s Promises Are Doubtful at Best

By Miranda Bonifield There’s nothing so permanent as a temporary government program, and nothing is quite as immortal as a temporary tax. Metro pro...

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Free to Choose with Freedom Scholarships

By Miranda Bonifield School choice made a splash in the headlines last month with the proposal of the Education Freedom Scholarships and Opportunit...

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Oregon Taxpayers Can’t Celebrate $146 Million Debt Service on the Elliott State Forest

By John A. Charles, Jr. This week our State Treasurer, Tobias Read, issued a press release bragging that investors around the country “stood in lin...

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What’s Causing Oregon’s “Housing Affordability Crisis”?

By Miranda Bonifield Here’s a question for you: Why is housing so expensive in Oregon? Government at all levels has attempted to address the iss...

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Cultivating Educational Choice with Education Savings Accounts

By Miranda Bonifield A Portland public school made headlines last week for offering parents the chance to choose their child’s teacher for next yea...

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Local News Brings Accountability to Local Government

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. Fake news is bad, but no news is even worse. Across the world, across the country, across the state, and across our communiti...

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