Free choice for all Oregon workers.


As of 2017, twenty-eight states have enacted so-called Right to Work laws that protect workers in unionized workplaces from being compelled to either join the union or pay any part of the cost of union representation. Oregon is not one of them; so here, while workers cannot be compelled to join the union, they can be compelled to pay what the union determines is the non-political portion of member dues.

The Right to Work without third-party interference is more than an economic issue; it is a profoundly moral one as well. In America, no one should be compelled to join a union or to pay union dues in order to hold a job. Hopefully, before long Oregon will grant true employee freedom to every public and private sector worker in the state.

Cascade Policy Institute has produced a short video featuring now-Oregonian Harry Beck, the man whose two-decade long struggle with his union resulted in the U.S. Supreme Court finding in 1988 that no worker can be compelled to pay union dues designated for purely political activities. Watch it at

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