You and Your Car: Portland Public Enemy No. 1

By Micah Perry Driving around Portland could get a lot more expensive. The Portland City Council just passed a resolution to create an “equitable m...

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Congestion by Design on the New Sellwood Bridge

By John A. Charles, Jr. Portland-area motorists who have to regularly cross the Sellwood Bridge may wonder why the new structure is twice as wide a...

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That's it, we're going on a hunger strike

Fresh Spinach for Indifferent Students: Oregon’s Costly Farm-to-School Program

By Helen Cook When did you last hear a child profess his love for spinach? Oregon’s Farm-to-School program awards grants to school districts acr...

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Portland’s Clean Energy Tax: A High Cost with Low Benefit

By Rachel Dawson In January 2019 the City of Portland implemented a voter-approved a 1% tax on certain “retail sales” within Portland to fund clean...

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Public Debt for Public Housing

By Vlad Yurlov In the 2018 general election, voters approved a bond measure that enabled Metro to borrow about $652 million for low-income public h...

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Portland’s Ill-Considered Climate Action Tax

By Micah Perry Last fall, Portland voters approved a new 1% tax on large retailers to help the city achieve the goals of its Climate Action Plan. T...

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Metro Wants More Money—For Parks You May Never See

By Helen Cook How much would you be willing to spend to buy parkland that would ban your dog? Metro hopes Portland area taxpayers will spend $47...

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Oregon Legislator to Oregon Business: “Let ‘em Leave!”

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D. “Let ’em leave. Someone else’ll come in.” That was Oregon state senator James Manning’s response when told that new business ...

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SW Corridor Project: A Net Negative for the Environment

By John A. Charles, Jr. Portland politicians claim to be concerned about carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. That’s why so many of them su...

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The New Sellwood Bridge: Promises Unfulfilled

By John A. Charles. Jr. Executive Summary Portland has an international reputation for successfully integrating land-use and transportation plan...

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