Month: March 2009

Why I’m Not Gloomy About Our Economic Future

Bill ConerlyCascade Commentary

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Summary: The U.S. has survived much worse policies and attitudes than our current economic crisis. A country can take many setbacks before it crumples, so here are three action steps I recommend in planning for the future. (more…)

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A Sign of the Times

Jeff AlanQuickPoint!

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The MADE IN OREGON sign atop the White Stag building is a Portland Waterfront icon. Every Christmas, the lighting of the red “nose” is carried live by all the television stations and has become a local tradition. The sign read “White Stag Sportswear” until 1997, when it was changed to “Made in Oregon.” Now the latest owner, the University of Oregon, wants to change the sign, too. (more…)

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Education Tax Credits Can Save Oregon Money

Christina Martin
Cascade Commentary
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Summary: House Bill 2754 would create two education tax credits, one for families’ own out-of-pocket education expenses and another for donations to scholarship-granting organizations for low-income or disabled students. According to a fiscal analysis by Dr. Eric Fruits, HB 2754’s tax credits have potential to save money for the state of Oregon. (more…)

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Fiscal Impacts of Proposed Educational Tax Credits

By Eric Fruits, Ph.D.

Executive summary 
Currently, Oregon parents of public school children who need extra tutoring or other assistance are not reimbursed for that expense. In addition, many low-income parents or parents with children with disabilities cannot find public education alternatives that meet their children’s demands and cannot afford educational options available from private schools. In response to these gaps, Cascade Policy Institute proposes two tax credits to help support efforts to make educational opportunities more affordable to Oregon families.
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Economic Development: The Effective Answer to Climate Change

Todd WynnQuickPoint!

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Although global temperatures have only increased a mere 0.6 degrees Celsius (1.1 degrees Fahrenheit) in the past century, unproven computer-generated scenarios of drastic events such as rising sea levels, food shortages, spread of disease, and economic turmoil due to global warming have overwhelmed politicians and citizens alike. (more…)

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Testimony on SJR 29

Steve Buckstein

Reject transferring billions of dollars from
the private to the public sector
March 12, 2009

Chair Burdick and members of the Committee, my name is Steve Buckstein. I’m Senior Policy Analyst and founder of Cascade Policy Institute, a non-partisan, non-profit public policy research organization based in Portland. Our mission is to promote policies that enhance individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic opportunity in Oregon. (more…)

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A New Day for a Cleaner Election

Jeff Alan
Cascade Commentary
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 Summary:  Last fall Cascade Policy Institute identified 1,209 deceased Oregonians who were still active voters according to the Oregon Voter Registration List. Cascade identified at least 32 who “voted” in the 2008 election. HB 3433 is designed to correct many flaws in the current election process that allowed this to happen. (more…)

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Free-Flow Driving over the New Columbia River Bridge

John A. Charles, Jr.QuickPoint!

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Political leaders from Oregon and SW Washington agreed last week to build a 12-lane bridge over the Columbia River to replace the I-5 Interstate Bridge. The new facility will be financed in part through tolls, collected electronically at travel speeds via tolltags. (more…)

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Cap-and-Trade in Oregon: A Primer for Legislators and Citizens

Todd Wynn


Climate change, and how to deal with it, is literally one of the hottest topics in state and national public policy. Because astonishing news sells, media coverage on climate change focuses on exaggerated claims of future catastrophe and proposes economically devastating “solutions” that may have no effect on global climate at all. (more…)

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If School Choice Were a TV Show

Kathryn Hickok

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From most of the reporting on the subject of school vouchers in the mainstream press and from comments by politicians and teachers’ union officials, you would think by now someone would have premiered a new TV show called “Fear Factor: School Choice.” But the argument that vouchers would make public schools worse is like the monster in the bedroom closet. It isn’t real, but many people are too afraid to open the door to find out. (more…)

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