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Why we Left the Left

Please join us for Cascade’s monthly Policy Picnic Wednesday, October 17 at noon. Cascade CEO John A. Charles, Jr. will discuss his intellectual journey from leading a well-known environmental group to becoming the president of Oregon’s only free market think tank.

Why is central planning such a seductive concept? And why do some people embrace planning and then leave it behind? John recently published an essay on this topic in the book Why we Left the Left, and participants in the Wednesday lunch will receive a shortened version of the essay.

Admission is free. Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and cookies will be served. Space is limited to ten guests on a first come, first served basis, so sign up early. To RSVP, email Kathryn Hickok at or call 503-242-0900.

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“Kicking” Education Funding Around―Why Measure 85 may not do what you think

Please join us for Cascade’s monthly Policy Picnic. Senior Policy Analyst Steve Buckstein will lead a discussion of the proposal to reform Oregon’s corporate kicker, Measure 85.

Measure 85 on the November ballot purports to redirect any future corporate kicker funds to public education. Steve will discuss why that won’t necessarily happen, and what other agendas the public employee unions that put it on the ballot may have.

Admission is free. Please bring your own lunch. Coffee and cookies will be served. Space is limited to ten guests on a first come, first served basis, so sign up early. To RSVP, email Patrick Schmitt at or call 503-242-0900.

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U- Choose Education Forum: Business and Government

Meeting the challenges of running a business in Oregon

Join the U-Choose Education Forum addressing government’s escalating attacks on business.  Tuesday June 19, 6:30- 9:00PM, West End Building, 4101 Kruse Way, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Oregon is a beautiful place to live, but, unless you are in one of the government favored industries, it is perceived to be one of the less business friendly states.  Over the last decade the economy of this state has been in steady decline.

Are taxes, regulations, and mandates strangling the economy of this state?  Can businesses survive and thrive in Oregon? How can our elected officials, at every level of government in Oregon, work to make Oregon more business friendly?

These questions will be addressed by speakers who operate businesses in this state and who are, or have been, candidates for public office.


Karen Bowerman- Dean Emeritus, College of Business and Public Administration, California State University San Bernardino and primary candidate CD5.


Lew Barnes: Founder and president of Summit Manufacturing, former Vietnam Marine, and candidate for State Representative District 31.
Gary Coe: Founder and leader of seven successful businesses which have employed hundreds of Oregonians including Speed’s Towing and Pacific Cascade Towncar.  He is a candidate for State Senator District 14.
Representative Matt Wingard: Oregon House of Representatives, R-Wilsonville, District 26.
Councilor Mike Kehoe: Lake Oswego City Council and recent founder of four new companies.

Are you running a business in Oregon? Come share your own views and experiences during U-Talk.

Children, teens, adults welcome.

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Unemployment Accounts: A Better Way to Protect the Unemployed

Cascade is hosting this special invite-only event. If you have not received an invite yet, please contact Christina Martin at to request one. We chose to limit the numbers of attendees for the event in order to foster a better environment for discussion, but we also welcome your enthusiasm to participate and hope to allow as many interested parties, as is practical, to attend.

On October 25, while you enjoy a delicious lunch, international experts on unemployment insurance will give a presentation on unemployment insurance reform.

These economists will explain some of the expensive problems with our current unemployment insurance program and discuss what their research reveals about how we could improve it to help workers keep more of their hard-earned money while actually closing gaping holes in the safety-net.

Their conclusion compliments decades of research that show how personal savings is the key to getting ahead and ending cycles of poverty.

Come hear Stéphane Pallage and Christian Zimmermann propose a way forward for Oregon’s workers and our unemployment insurance system.

This event is INVITE only. So please contact Christina Martin at if you would like to request an invitation.

Three course luncheon included – salad, chicken entrée, dessert, plus beverage.

About the Speakers:

Stéphane Pallage is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Economics at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business. He has written extensively on the optimal design of unemployment insurance programs in many peer-reviewed academic journals.

Christian Zimmermann is Assistant Vice President at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University. He previously worked at the University of Connecticut and the Bank of Canada. He has published articles in numerous peer-reviewed academic journals.

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Cascade Book Forum: The Morality of Capitalism by Dr. Tom Palmer

Cascade Policy Institute is hosting Dr. Tom Palmer, senior fellow at CATO Institute, presenting on his book, The Morality of Capitalism: How Free Markets Create Justice and Prosperity.

Click here for a sneak peak at the book and his presentation here in Portland.

Click here for the PDF flyer of the event.

RSVP to Deanne Kastine at or 503-242-0900.

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Milton Friedman Birthday Celebration!

Come celebrate the birthday of one of the economic greats of our time!

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Lazy Fair Picnic

The annual Picnic Lalapalooza of the Executive Club, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, and the Cascade Policy Institute.

“The must-be-there picnic for brilliant conversation, companionship and laughter with fellow lovers of liberty!”

$20.00 adults –  $25.00 after August 8th – $10.00 Children under 12

We will be serving BBQ chicken, Beef, smoked pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad,
corn on the cob, coleslaw, pasta salad,  dessert, beer, wine, soft drinks and water

Go to Area 2, the Big a Frame covered area

Send a check, and note on the names of those in your party payable to:
P.O. BOX 61, Gresham, OR  97030

RSVP as soon as possible for the best price”

Directions to Eagle Fern Park
Eagle Fern Park is located approximately 3 miles north of Estacada,
Take Interstate 205 to Exit 12 Clackamas/Estacada,
Turn Right onto Hwy. 212/224. Proceed 3.2 miles to the Hwy. 212/224 junction
Turn right onto Hwy. 224, follow signs to Estacada.
Proceed 10.4 miles and Turn Left onto Wildcat Mountain Rd. (sign reads Dover District/Eagle Fern Park.)
Go 2.0 miles to Eagle Fern Park Rd;
Turn Right. The park is located 2.3 miles on the right-hand side of the road.
Go to Area 2- the big A-Frame.

To register, please send in a slip with

1. Your name

2.  The names of everyone you are paying for

3.  Your address and your phone number

4.  A check

Mail all information to:
P.O. BOX 61, Gresham OR, 97030

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How to Avoid the Looming Congestion Crisis in Oregon – 4/19/2007

How to Avoid the Looming Traffic Congestion Crisis in Oregon

A Legislative Briefing

Featured speaker: John A. Charles, Jr.
President & CEO, Cascade Policy Institute

Thursday, April 19
Hearing Room 50
State Capitol
12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Admission is free.

Complimentary box lunches will be provided to those who register by Tuesday, April 17.

RSVP to or 503 242 0900.

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Valley Pachyderm Club – 3/15/2007



4090 Commercial SE (South of Browning near Car’l B Klean)

Our guest will be Steve Buckstein of Cascade Policy Institute in Portland. He will tell us how the major health care reform plans before the Oregon Legislature would move us in the wrong direction, and what a better direction would be.

Pachyderm meetings are open to all who want to learn more about issues, politics, and how to make a difference.

RSVP by Wednesday, Mar. 14
Call Wayne at 503-585-6116 or email to

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